10 Popular Nike Dunk SB's For The Holidays

The sneaker world has seen countless iconic releases over the years, but few have made as significant an impact as the Nike Dunk SB (Skateboarding). Originally introduced in the early 2000s, the Dunk SB quickly became a favorite among skaters and sneakerheads alike. With its unique colorways, collaborations, and stories behind each release, it's no wonder the Dunk SB remains a staple in the sneaker community. Here's a look at 10 of the most popular Nike Dunk SB's of all time:

  1. Nike Dunk SB Low "Staple Pigeon" (2005)
    • Designed by Jeff Staple of Staple Design, this sneaker features a grey and white upper with a signature pigeon embroidered on the heel. The release caused a frenzy in New York City, with police having to control the crowds.
  2. Nike Dunk SB Low "Diamond" (2005)
    • Also known as the "Tiffany" Dunk because of its resemblance to the jewelry brand's signature blue color. Designed in collaboration with Diamond Supply Co., it features premium leather and crocodile skin patterns.
  3. Nike Dunk SB Low "Paris" (2002)
    • Part of the city series, the "Paris" Dunk is one of the rarest, with only around 200 pairs produced. It features artwork by French painter Bernard Buffet.
  4. Nike Dunk SB Low "Heineken" (2003)
    • Inspired by the Heineken beer label, this Dunk features a green and white colorway with a red star on the ankle. It's one of the most sought-after Dunks due to its unofficial association with the beer brand.
  5. Nike Dunk SB High "Skunk" (2010)
    • Released on April 20th (4/20), this Dunk is inspired by the cannabis culture. It features a green and purple hairy suede upper, resembling the look of the skunk plant.
  6. Nike Dunk SB Low "Raygun" (2005)
    • Inspired by the Roswell Rayguns, a fictional ABA team, this Dunk features a black or white base with vibrant orange and yellow accents. The heel has a little alien in a basketball jersey.
  7. Nike Dunk SB Low "What the Dunk" (2007)
    • A mashup of various Dunk releases, the "What the Dunk" is a colorful and eclectic sneaker that incorporates elements from several iconic Dunks.
  8. Nike Dunk SB High "Ferris Bueller" (2008)
    • Inspired by the outfit worn by the titular character in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," this Dunk features a mix of leopard print, brown leather, and white and red accents.
  9. Nike Dunk SB Low "Yellow Lobster" (2009)
    • A collaboration with Boston-based shop Concepts, this Dunk is part of the "Lobster" series. The "Yellow Lobster" is the rarest of the bunch and features a buttery yellow upper with a picnic tablecloth pattern on the inner lining.
  10. Nike Dunk SB Low "Futura" (2003)
  • A collaboration with artist Futura, this Dunk features a two-tone blue upper with white accents. The design is simple yet striking, making it a favorite among many sneaker enthusiasts.

While this list captures some of the most iconic Dunk SB's, it's worth noting that the Dunk SB catalog is vast, with countless other memorable releases. The enduring appeal of the Dunk SB lies in its ability to tell stories, collaborate with various artists and brands, and continuously push the boundaries of sneaker design.

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