Travis Scott, the Grammy-nominated rapper, recently expressed interest in pursuing a degree in architecture at Harvard University. The rapper, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II, has always been fascinated by architecture and design. He even collaborated with the famous French fashion house, Dior, to create a limited edition capsule collection inspired by his love for architecture.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Travis Scott opened up about his desire to study architecture at Harvard. He stated that he has always been interested in the field and would love to learn from the best. The rapper believes that pursuing a degree in architecture would allow him to delve deeper into his creative side and give him a new perspective on designing his stage sets and merchandise.

Travis Scott is not the first celebrity to show interest in architecture. Kanye West, another famous rapper, has also expressed interest in the field and has even designed buildings for his fashion brand, Yeezy. However, Travis Scott's interest in architecture seems to stem from a deeper passion rather than just a fleeting interest.

Harvard University is known for its excellent architecture program, and the rapper is determined to gain admission. He has already spoken to some professors and is working on his portfolio to showcase his skills. Although he is aware that it will not be an easy feat, Travis Scott is determined to pursue his dreams.

In conclusion, Travis Scott's desire to pursue a degree in architecture at Harvard University showcases his passion for the field and his determination to learn from the best. It will be interesting to see how his love for architecture will influence his future projects and collaborations.

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