We have a bunch of epic shit in our shop no cap. Here is a list of 10 of them straight from the top. Jonny Penthouse.

The Egg Chair.

This chair is in so many epic movies and music videos. From Men In Black to Austin Powers. This Chair is epic.

Bloody Oedipis

The reason why im obssesd with this little sculpture is because so many mixtapes and rap songs used this as a cover for their album. Most notable was Young Thugs Slime Season 3.

Tracy Emin Neon Sign

So corny and emotional. The ladies always love em.

Chanel Neon Sign

What’s better than the Tracy Emin neon sign is the Chanel neon sign. Literally a neon pheromone. The panties drop as soon as they see this. Unfortunately we can’t offer this on our site anymore. It is handmade by me per order. You are still in luck though. Ill let you know how to get one. You have to follow the link to our private shopping or interior design services and just shoot us a message. Either a member from our team or I will get back to you and you can get one of these super exclusive lights for yourself.

Medusa Bust

This medusa boss is special. It’s actually made in Italy out of real alabaster porcelain. I ordered some stock back in 2020 and we still have some so don’t forget about it. This is definitely a fire piece.

Donnies Arches

Yeah, this is a new item that we just introduced from our fall 2023 collection. I really want one for my crib but I’m kind of like in between spots right now so I’m gonna wait until my living situation is a little bit more solid. We really do practice what we preach, Homeless or Penthouse there’s no in between motherfucker.

Cartoon Hand Coffee Table

Another one. As DJ Khaled's autistic ass would say. This one also comes from our Fall 2023 collection. Pretty self-explanator cartoon hands coffee table. I also want this for my next crib. Definitely a cop for me.

Gothic Cross Sculpture

This is also a fire piece made by me you know I’m an artist so I’ll be making this shit for you and you know chrome hearts they’re a bunch of crybabies they always try and shut me down so unfortunately this is not available on the shop. You’re gonna have to do private shopping or sign up for interior design services for This but it’s a breeze to sign up. Just follow the links.

Jay-Z Rug

This Jay Z rug is actually was originally made by an artist interior designer, Sean Brown, but I found this in China also and I jacked it so thank you shout out to Sean Brown for coming up with this idea even though you really just scanned him CD Sean Brown a type of motherfucker to take the dinner with Jay Z instead of $500,000.just kidding chat, Sean Brown, legend.

Goyard Luggage

Yeah, so I actually use the shit from the shop to travel. Look like a boss going through customs baby and nobody’s gonna say shit to you when you’re traveling first class bitch. My fucking ticket cost four grand. Suck my dick. I dare someone to say its a fake Goyard to me. I bet you wont. Because I would crush you with my Amex card. Now, unfortunately Goyard isn’t too fond of us. Especially me. So you’re gonna have to go through private shopping. Which is really easy simple and probably easier for you. I’m sick and tired of making new Shopify stores so y’all motherfuckers are gonna have to fucking use private shopping all right sorry.

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