This Bearbrick is a collectible figurines that blend iconic design with the playful aesthetic of Bearbrick, a popular toy line created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy. These limited edition Bearbricks feature the classic Bearbrick shape adorned with signature design elements, making them coveted items among collectors and fans of the brand.

Typically made from plastic, Bearbricks come in various sizes, including the standard 1000% size, as well as smaller sizes such as 400% and 100%. Each Bearbrick is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcasing iconic motifs such as the interlocking logo, and classic black and white color scheme.

Black Bearbrick

Starting at $129.00

Bearbricks are often released as part of special collaborations or limited edition collections, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. They are displayed as decorative pieces in homes, offices, or galleries, adding a touch of luxury and style to any space.

Whether displayed individually or as part of a collection, Bearbricks are a unique and stylish way to showcase your love for brands while adding a playful twist to your decor. With their iconic design and collectible appeal, Bearbricks are a must-have for any fan of fashion and pop culture.

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